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The Beijing Sany Foundation (Sany Foundation) is a funded foundation initiated by the China Sany Group and was established on December 31, 2013 in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The Trinity Foundation is a mission to promote “science and public welfare”, by empowering the public good to fully realize its value, thus bringing real change to the world and building a vibrant, well-intentioned and trusted society.

Cooperation between non-governmental public welfare organizations
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China’s current public welfare status:

What problems do we want to solve?

Public welfare is an emerging industry in China, although after decades
development, but is still at a more rudimentary stage. Mainstream thought
and values are missing, competition stays at the level of transparency, public welfare innovation
Despite the boom but lack of strong support, the effectiveness of public welfare projects is still
not getted enough attention. In the face of these status quo, Trinity Fund
will be the first in the country to put forward the concept of “scientific public welfare”, hoping that
Improving the effectiveness of public welfare institutions in solving social problems is not just a public welfare machine
transparency of the system itself to enhance the credibility of the public welfare industry and promote
The scientific development of China’s public welfare.

Trinity Foundation Methodology:

What is a scientific public good?

The scientific public welfare advocated by the Trinity Foundation refers to the use of scientific ideas to
To guide the practice in the field of public welfare. The theme of science and public welfare is about public
“Scientific” rather than “the public good about science”. Three
A foundation believes that the scientific nature of public welfare exists in values and methodologies
and tool technology three levels, with public welfare projects as the grasping hand, trying to
Problem identification, program design, effect verification three links.

How do we implement it?

Guided by these concepts, the Sany Foundation conducts projects in three areas: theoretical research, action support and public advocacy.

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